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Sports & Extra Curricular


“What can be learned on the ground cannot be learned in the classroom”

At RKS Kalvi Nilayam, we lay a strong emphasis on sports and physical development. Our sports curriculum is planned and designed for students to develop and enhance skills like strength, speed, endurance, agility, flexibility, control, balance etc. Sports today has also evolved as a form of entertainment and also offers promising careers.

We believe in mass participation, exposing our students to a number of sports events at inter-school, state, national and international level. Every student is encouraged to join at least one school sports team. The P.E. teachers we employ are young and energetic with a good amount of expertise in sports and provide coaching for sports like football, basketball, throw ball etc.

We have weekly achievable goals for the different skills required for a particular sport and train students accordingly. Intersection matches are conducted every four months.

We have 65,000 sq ft of sports facility in our campus . We have cricket facility with 3 astro turf cricket pitches, one volley ball court and one Basketball court. For students to know the benefits of the sports they play, they are informed about the body parts and muscle development in playing each sport along with game knowledge.


“A Scout is Trustworthy”

Our Scout troop was started on 18.06.2005 Initially we started Scout Troop with only 12 students. Name of Our Scout troop is “Star of RKS”.

The Troop was Inaugurated by our Honorable beloved Former Secretary Dr. V.R Sivakumar on 18th of November in 2005.The inauguration and the first Scout meeting was presided over by Mr. P Naresh CEO of our Coimbatore District. The Chief Guests Mr A. Pichamuthu, District Secretary, Bharat Scouts and Guides Coimbatore and Mr. De.Srinivas, ASOC(SCOUTS) Bharat Scouts and Guides, Tamilnadu, Issued “PRAVESH” Certificates to the Scout Students.

A Scout troop consists of 32 Scouts(4 patrols; one patrol has 8 Scouts).Every year we select 12 to 16 students called as “RECRUITS” from 6th& 7thstandard new comers both English and Tamil medium. After that given a project to the Recruits “Service work from their home”. Our Scout Master will be monitoring the students for three months and verify the students oblige and Service. Finally, Scout Master selects 8 Scouts for the “PRAVESH”, and then the Certificate and the Badges will be given during the Investiture Ceremony Day at our School.

The next 8 Scouts are trained for 6 months and Qualified as “PRATHAM SOPAN”. The next 8 Scouts are trained for 6 months and Qualified as “DWITHYA SOPAN” The next 8 Scouts are trained for 9 months and Qualified from District Head Quarters as “TRITHYA SOPAN SCOUTS”.

After that completion of TRITHYA SOPAN Scouts They will be trained 9 months for “RAJYAPURASKAR SCOUT BADGE -TEST”. Those who are finally qualified and called as “Governor Award scouts”. They will receive RAJYAPURASKKAR SCOUTS BADGE from Honorable Tamilnadu Governor.

After that those who continuously participated in all Service activities and Practical’s, the scouts are eligible and applied for RASTRAPATHY SCOUTS TEST and after that they completed their state test camp and Qualified from NHQ. They will receive RASTRAPATHY SCOUTS BADGE from our Indian President.

Till now, Our school students 59 Scouts have achieved “Rajyapuraskar Award”(called as Governor Award) 4 students completed their “Rastrapathy Scouts Badge-Test”. The camp held on Salem in 2017.

Now, 5 Students preparing for Rajyapuraskar Award 2021 and 1 Student prepared and applied for Rastrapathy Scouts on 2021.

Our School Headmaster Dr. R. Thirugnana sambandam, MA., B.Ed.,M.Phil., Phd., is also in Scout the movement, He was Deputed as “District Commissioner of Scouts” in Coimbatore Education. District. Our School Scout Master Mr. S. Shanmugam,BCA., NAC., completed his next stage of Pre-ALT Leader Badge after HWB Scout Deputed and working as a “District Organizing Commissioner” in Coimbatore District. At present this year he earned a “Medal of Merit in Scouts” from Tamilnadu Educational Minister Honorable. ANBIL MAHESH POIYAMOZHI at SHQ in Chennai.

  • An efficient administrator
  • A person who understands human nature
  • Objectives of the National Integration Camp
  • Make the NSS volunteers aware of the following:
  • Rich cultural diversity of India
  • History of our diversified culture
  • National pride through knowledge about India
  • To integrate the nation through social service


The Junior Red Cross is the Students’ wing of the Red Cross organized within the school. A team of 30 students are members in the Junior Red Cross team. Mrs Vimala.M.S is the guide and counselor for the students in JRC activities.

JRC Activities at the School:

  • Promotion of Health
  • Service to the Sick and suffering
  • Cleanliness of the School Premises
  • Organizing Health Awareness campaigns in the nearby areas
  • Administrating First Aid Training
  • Coordinating Blood grouping camps for JRC members

Rotary Interact Club

Interact is Rotary International’s service club for young people ages 12 to 18. Interact clubs are sponsored by individual Rotary clubs, which provide support and guidance, but they are self-governing and self-supporting.

Each year, Interact clubs complete at least two community service projects, one of which furthers international understanding and goodwill. Through these efforts, Interactors develop a network of friendships with local and overseas clubs and learn the importance of – Developing leadership skills and personal integrity .Mrs Sreeja.P & Mrs.Renuka.K are the faculty advisors for the Interact Club of RKS Kalvi Nilayam.

The goals of Interact are:

  1. To recognize and develop constructive leadership and personal integrity.
  2. To encourage and practice thoughtfulness of and helpfulness to others.
  3. To create an awareness of the importance of home and family.
  4. To build respect for the rights of others, based on recognition of the worth of each individual.
  5. To emphasize acceptance of individual responsibility as the basis of personal success, community improvement, and group achievement.


“Throwball helps improve a childs agility, judgment and also adds on to their team contribution. along with physical development, it inculates in a child, values of teamwork and dedication.”
Under 19 (Boys)Winners2017-2018Zonal
Sub Junior (Boys)Winners2017-2018YMCA Tournament
Junior (Boys)Runners2017-2018YMCA Tournament
Under 19 (Boys)Runners2017-2018District
Under 19 (Boys)3rd Place2017-2018Inter School
Under 19 (Boys)Winners2018-2019Zonal


“Basketball adds on to the development of a child’s mind, tolerance, coordination and most importantly imparts a sense of rigor. Like any other sport, even basketball counts for a lot of practice and dedication.”
Under 19 (Boys) Winners 2017-2018 Zonal
Under 14 (Boys) Winners 2017-2018 Zonal
Under 14 (Boys) Winners 2017-2018 District
Under 14 (Boys) Runners 2018-2019
Under 14 (Boys) Winners 2018-2019 Orion Trophy
Under 14 (Boys) Winners 2018-2019 State
Under 17 (Boys) Winners 2018-2019 YMCA Trophy
Under 14 (Boys) Winners 2018-2019 Zonal
Under 17 (Boys) Winners 2018-2019 Zonal
Under 14 (Boys) Winners 2018-2019 District
Under 13 (Boys) Runners 2019-2020 District
Under 16 (Boys) Runners 2019-2020 District
Under 13 (Girls) 3rd Place 2019-2020 District
Under 13 (Boys) Runners 2019-2020 YMCA
Under 16 (Boys) Winners 2019-2020 District
Under 14 (Boys) Winners 2019-2020 Zonal
Under 17 (Boys) Winners 2019-2020 Zonal
Under 19 (Boys) 3rd Place 2019-2020 Zonal
Under 14 (Boys) 3rd Place 2019-2020 District
Under 19 (Boys) Runners 2019-2020 District
Under 19 (Boys) 3rd Place 2019-2020 District


Volleyball is a sport that requires teamwork and coordination. Children learn to work in a team, take responsibility and trust their teammates.

This sport develops a child’s wrist strength and teaches them agility. This sport is one of the earliest sports taught to children.

Under 19 years boys got to 2nd place in Volley ball on 2018


Activities like Marathons, Races, Long Jump etc are all a part of Athletics which boost the morale of our students to try harder with better preparations everytime they perform. These activities stretch their abilities and enhance their stamina, muscle tone and have a number of physical benefit.

Under 19 Boys (400m Hurdles)Runner2018-2019Zonal
Under 19 Boys (Tripple Jump)3rd Place2018-2019Zonal
Under 17 Boys (High Jump)Winner2018-2019Zonal
Under 19 Boys (Shotput)Runner2018-2019Zonal
Under 19 Boys (High Jump)3rd Place2018-2019Zonal
Under 17 Boys(400m)3rd Place2019-2020Zonal
Under 17 Boys(Long Jump)3rd Place2019-2020Zonal
Under 17 Boys(Tripple Jump)Runner2019-2020Zonal
Under 17 Boys (1500m)Runner2019-2020Zonal
Under 17 Boys (3000m)Runner2019-2020Zonal
Under 19 Boys(High Jump)Runner2019-2020Zonal
Under 19 Boys(Shotput)3rd Place2019-2020Zonal
Under 19 Boys (Discus Throw)Winner2019-2020Zonal
Under 19 Boys(Javelin Throw)Runner2019-2020Zonal
Under 19 Boys(400m)3rd Place2019-2020Zonal
Under 19 Boys(400m Hurdles)3rd Place2019-2020Zonal
Under 19 Boys(Long Jump)3rd Place2019-2020Zonal


A game for two people that is played on a board with 64 black and white squares (a chessboard). Each player has 16 pieces which can be moved according to fixed rules.

Under 19 years boy got to 3rd place in Chess Competition


Boxing, often called “the manly art of self-defense,” is a sport in which two competitors try to hit each other with their glove-encased fists while trying to avoid each other’s blows. The competition is divided into a specified number of rounds, usually 3 minutes long, with 1-minute rest periods between rounds.

Under 19 years boys got to 1st place in Boxing


Kabaddi i is a team sport that requires seven players in two teams. The aim of the sport is for a single player on offense to run into the opposing team’s court up to an extent and then tag out as many defenders of the opponent team as possible and return to the respective court anyhow without getting touched.

Under 17 years boys got to 2nd place in Kabaddi


Judo Game is a fantastic and dynamic fighting sport that demands both physical skill and mental fortitude. It entails methods that let you lift and dump your opponents onto their backs from a standing posture.

Under 19 years boys got to 1st place in Judo

High Jump

One of two field events also referred to as vertical jumps, competitors in the high jump take off (unaided) from one foot over a four-metre long horizontal bar. They seek to clear the greatest height without knocking the bar to the ground. Athletes land on a crash mat.

Under 17 (Boys)Winner2017-2018Zonal
Under 17 (Boys)Winner2018-2019Zonal


Gymnastics teaches participants how to move, roll, jump, swing and turn upside down. Gymnastics is an exciting activity and sport for its unique contribution to general fitness, coordination, agility, strength, balance and speed.

Under 17 Boys (HIGH BAR)Winner2017-2018District
Under 17 Boys (ROMAN RINGS)Runner2017-2018District
Under 17 Boys (POMMAL HORSE)Winner2017-2018District
Under 17 Boys (PARALLEL BAR)3rd Place2017-2018District
Under 17 Boys (FLOOR EXERCISE)Runner2017-2018District
Under 19 Boys (HIGH BAR)Runner2017-2018District
Under 19 Boys (ROMAN RINGS)Runner2017-2018District
Under 19 Boys (POMMAL HORSE)Runner2017-2018District
Under 19 Boys (FLOOR EXERCISE)Runner2017-2018District
Under 19 Boys (VAULTING TABLE)Winner2017-2018District
Under 17 Boys (GYMNASTICS)Winner (NATIONAL SELECTION)2018-2019India Sports Corporation
Under 19 Boys (GYMNASTICS)Winner (NATINAL SELECTION)2018-2019India Sports Corporation


Competitive cricket is essentially a bat and ball sport. It is played by two teams on an oval and involves batting, fielding and bowling. There are 11 players a side and a game can last anywhere from several hours to several days.

Under 19 (Boys)Winners2017-2018State
Under 19 (Boys)Runners2018-2019Sakthi Trophy


Silambam is a popular variant of martial arts which is performed with the aid of some specific weapons, primarily with bamboo sticks. It is widely performed in the regions of Tamil Nadu (India). It’s an ancient weapon-based martial art.

Under 19 (Boys)3rd Place2017-2018District
Under 19 (Boys)3rd Place2017-2018District
59kg to 70kgRunner2018-2019District
Under 18 (Boys)Winner2018-2019District


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